The legend of RockPipes

Over the past 7 years, RockPipes has driven audiences all across the UK wild with excitement. Their packed-out performances at the acclaimed Isle of Man’s TT Races, at major gig venues in Bristol, and on the festival scene across the British Isles have been complemented with extraordinary special events, commemorating Hogmanay and Burns in completely new ways.

RockPipes fuses the courage-rendering strains of the Scottish bagpipes, played by leading pipers Andy Warn and Andy Ferguson – a duo famous for their virtuosity and virulent stagecraft – with a solid heavy rock line-up of professional musicians, masters of drums, keyboards, synths, bass, guitar, violin and whistles.

RockPipes is what you get when you bring the very best of Gaelic music together with the best of classic rock. In doing so, RockPipes appeals to a vast array of audiences, with their unforgettable arrangements of chart-topping anthems by ABBA, Zeppelin, Muse, Coldplay and Black Sabbath. In doing so, RockPipes guarantees a musical and visual experience like none other.

As if under coercion, audiences can’t help themselves not to end up dancing on the packed floor, screaming for more, and more, and more. So, plug in your amps, ready the pipes, and get ready for an entirely new kind of flaming musical madness.

Pipers that shred,
Musicians that rock,
Stagecraft that bewitches.

Meet the band

Andy F

The band’s true Scot in every sense of the word! Hailing from Glasgow, Andy has an appetite for stage performance and blowing audiences away with his pipework!

Andy W

‘Pirate’ Andy’s love of whisky led him to pipes. A classically trained guitarist originally with a Rock background, Andy loves blending these passions with the rest of the band.


Hailing from South Africa, classically trained pianist Charmaine plays keyboard and the occasional tenor drum with RockPipes . Playing with the band has brought out the ‘Rock Chick ‘ in her with a fondness for tartan.


Introducing Grahame: bass player extraordinaire, sound expert and experienced gigger – he keeps us on the straight and narrow!


When she’s not playing keyboards, recorder or guitar, ‘Mad Max’ loves banging her tenor drum and wearing Mick Jagger lips! She’s a classically-trained music teacher now seeking attention!


Chef extraordinaire by day, drummer by night, Steve is into all genres of music and absolutely loves to jam! A festival junkie, Steve lives and breathes music in his spare time and with Edinburgh family connections and tartan a plenty, perfect for our eclectic Celtic mix!

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